G.S Public School

Welcome To G.S Public School

At GSPS, Sports training is imparted to the students in order to inculcate in them a feeling of sportsman spirit, team spirit, self discipline and a spirit of general well-being. Every Student participates in a sports activity of his/her choice. A well defined syllabus for each sport of their choice, enables them to pursue with interest, the game of their liking.

A regular weekly sports period has been arranged for each class. Talented students are given extra coaching to achieve awards in different competition. Every year a sport week is organized on children’s day. As a festival During that period each student of the school encouraged to take part in any game.

A competitive spirit is coupled with self discipline and sound health, form the motto of our Sports Activities. Inter Class, Inter House and Inter School Competitions are organized on regular basis to inculcate a healthy competitive spirit. Sports events like athletics, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, table-tennis, taekwondo, gymnasium tactics, cricket and swimming form and integral part of the sports curriculum of the school.

Inter house championships help to generate camaraderie between students, a sense of competitiveness, brotherhood, discipline, positive attitude and very importantly, the fact that losing is as significant as winning. Inter School events are powerful instruments of exposure for students at individual and team level in different ages.

Many PPS sports persons participate in championships on District and even State level, the exposure to which enables them to enhance their skills and confidence. Outstanding students get a chance by selection from these tournaments to represent ‘India’ in the National Team.

The school is constantly committed to provide excellent opportunities and state-of-the-art infrastructure to our students and preparing them to make meaningful contributions in an increasing global society. A multi-purpose court has recently been constructed with a basketball, tennis court and stage.