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Different clubs have been made as per CCE guidelines

1) Healthy club - based on physical & mental well being.

2) Literacy club- Hindi & English club make students more comfortable with language.

3) Eco &Disaster Management club- To make understand, what is the importance of environment for them and how they can save it?

4) Maths & Science club- A club to foster Scientifics & mathematics tenets.

The mind, body and soul are in total synchronization and benefit the most while pursuing a hobby. An activity chosen as hobby in very dear to one’s heart, doing which the hobbyist derives immense satisfaction. Hobby is a distinct way of getting away from the otherwise monotonous daily regimen. Pursuing an activity in which you have inherent interest helps unearth hidden talents.

We at GSPS offer varied hobby clubs from Kindergarten to Class VIII. Keeping in mind each child’s development and interest, all hobbies are approached with zeal and professionalism. Our clubs offer theater, environment, visual art, performing art, astronomy, cookery, needle crafts and sports.

The Blissful Moments

Co-Curricular activities are a form of informal education, which cannot be ignored. Holistic development of students can’t be achieved just by imparting academics.

These activities play a very significant role in inculcating different values amongst the students. The aim of curricular activities is to make the students fit for the future time and to develop a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, leadership, diligence, punctuality, team-spirit as well as to provide a backdrop for the development of their creative talents.

Outdoor activities are essential grounds for a successful practical life. In programmes of outdoor activities, the children are taken out of the school to the areas of adventure, appreciation of art and culture and the places of historical values. These activities are an integral part of our curriculum.